Other Resources

We also have a list of recommended books and other resources that will provide additional information, encouragement, motivation and explanation of the importance of reaching people of different faiths to simply put their trust and faith in Yeshua-Jesus.

We are especially excited to provide our Jewish friends with resources explaining why we, along with the Messianic Jewish community, believe that Jesus (“Yeshua”) is the true Messiah, Savior of Israel and the entire world. We are forever indebted To the Jewish people we are forever indebted for their faithfulness to proclaim the uncompromising written Word of God, which they preserved throughout their generations despite hateful and deadly persecution. We are also indebted to the Apostles and the early church fathers who were the faithful pioneers of the faith. To the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is to Him we give all the praise and glory!

Simply contact us for information on some of these resources or contact the publishers directly. Some are available through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or other bookstores.

“The Blood of Lambs” by Kamal Saleem with Lynn Vincent

Kamal Saleem was trained as an Islamic terrorist and came to the US to recruit disgruntled citizens to join the Islamic cause. When a terrible accident befalls him, a chance encounter with a stranger – who should’ve been his enemy – brings him to a crossroads.  What happens next will blow you away.