Baby Grace’s Miracle

Unborn child is not expected to survive but a miracle happens when this couple declare their faith for their child to be born alive and healthy.

Miracle for 4 Year Old

While playing drums in a music store a 4 year old is run over by a car that crashes thru the music store directly at the child. Miraculously watch this miracle of survival.

Car Crash Miracle

Miraculously Angels pull victims out of their car during a horrific accident.

Boat Sinking Miracle

Boat sinks in middle of fishing trip and survival looks dim as sharks circle the chum that fell overboard and the men in the water. Watch this miracle of survival.

Highway Miracle

A woman survives a fiery accident when a mysterious man miraculously pulls her out of her burning car before she is burned. Afterward the man is nowhere to be found.

Rock Climbing Miracle

A man falls off a cliff while rock climbing and is not expected to live but miraculously survives. Watch how this miracle happens.

A Tornado Miracle

An 8-year old is taken from his father’s arms by a tornado. How this child survived when he is later found by his parents is a miracle.