Six People Experience Healing Miracles!

Healed of terminal cancer, an infant heart transplant, a deadly truck accident, double aneurysm, myastemia gravis.


ESCAPE FROM HAMAS – Terrorist Moussef Hassam Interviewed on the Fox Network.

KAMAL SALEEM – Former Terrorist Interviewed on TCC Network.

Health Worker’s Miracle

A woman in the health industry develops a deadly disease and miraculously survives. Watch how this healing miracle happens.

Dumpster Diving Skier

A potential world class skier encounters hard times and eventually resorts to dumpster diving to survive. Watch how a miracle rescues him from self destruction.

Bridge Crash Miracle

Woman’s car collides with truck and her vehicle dangles over a high bridge. Only a miracle saves her.

Baby Grace’s Miracle

Unborn child is not expected to survive but a miracle happens when this couple declare their faith for their child to be born alive and healthy.