Highway Miracle

A woman survives a fiery accident when a mysterious man miraculously pulls her out of her burning car before she is burned. Afterward the man is nowhere to be found.

Rock Climbing Miracle

A man falls off a cliff while rock climbing and is not expected to live but miraculously survives. Watch how this miracle happens.

A Tornado Miracle

An 8-year old is taken from his father’s arms by a tornado. How this child survived when he is later found by his parents is a miracle.

Myesthemia Gravis Survivor

Woman is diagnosed with this auto-immune disease and suffers tremendously until a miracle happens to her.

Girl Attempts Suicide

A young girl at 16 attempts suicide but instead of death she enters Hell, then Heaven before returning to earth. See what she encounters along the way.

23 Minutes in Hell

At 3 AM in the morning Bill Weiss encounters the supernatural.  He relates his story about what he saw, heard and felt in that place of torment.