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We, at Just Pass It On, believe in a loving, Creator God, who loves us far beyond our own understanding. His desire is to deepen His relationship with all of us and to communicate his love; a love so strong that He sent His son, Jesus (in Hebrew, “Yeshua”) to Earth to reveal Himself. Now it’s a little more complicated because there is a spiritual disease called sin (a curse) that separated us originally from our Creator. But this curse was taken care of (redeemed) by Jesus’ sacrificial death on a cross at a place called Calvary. You see Jesus became our loving Savior-Redeemer by willingly giving His life for us. He lived a sinless life and therefore He was the perfect sacrifice that God accepted for the human race that atoned for our sins. It’s written that whosoever believes in Him (Jesus) will not be lost forever but instead have eternal life (paraphrase of John 3:16).

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