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The website was established as a resource for those looking to find (and hopefully, pass on) encouragement. By sharing videos, DVDs and other types of media, we believe that people’s lives can change for the better. When encouraged, people can find themselves believing that a better outcome is possible for their own lives.

We also believe that the encouragement comes when one experiences faith in God. Faith in our Creator God is stirred up by seeing and hearing stories of those that over came terrible adversity, affliction and even danger such as overcoming life-threatening conditions, healing from deadly diseases and being delivered from perilous circumstances.

Watch how the people in these stories were able to overcome such challenges. These stories of overcoming offer faith, hope and encouragement for those of us who find ourselves in the middle of a life-challenging circumstance or facing a hopeless situation.

Our hope is that you are encouraged and feel inspired to pass it on to those you know in need.

~Audie & Nancy

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